Monday, February 1, 2010

the story of a mat

When we moved into this home one of the main things on our "to buy" list was a rug of some sort for each of the main rooms. Our last house had mostly carpet and floor coverings just wasn't a priority. But this house is crazy cold on the feet. Directly below my living room is Jason's unfinished workshop/mancave, so of course I wanted to start with that room.

I've searched many a store and have yet to come up with the perfect one. A few months ago I found one I really liked but it was like the baby brother to what I actually needed. I thought maybe it could go in the hallway that's adjacent to the living room, so I brought it home.

Annnnnd, it didn't work.

It looked terrible and the cats tried to use it as a play thing.

So I moved it into the kitchen, where it actually really worked. That room has just kind of fell into it's color scheme and somehow random things I bring home, end up completely working in there. I guess Im just drawn to a certain color set.

Within minutes, I started to have my doubts about this mat and my house. It wasn't big enough for my living room, it just didn't look right in the hallway, the cats seemed to really like it and now it's too slippery for my linoleum kitchen! What the heck could I DO with it?

It was actually Jason's idea to add the non-stick mat. He had some from his bachelor days hidden away in a box and came to my rescue when I was out of ideas.
It's been there for probably three months now and the non-stick thingy is actually holding up really well.

In the end, Im pretty happy this wasn't available in a larger size. I mean I like it, but it just wouldn't have looked right with the new color scheme for the living room. Which, by the way, I can't wait to show you. It's seriously turning into my favorite room in the house and I've barely started it yet. Now, if I could just get Jason to finish all those lovely projects I've asked for...

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