Friday, March 26, 2010

declutter challenge: late to the table

I've decided to join Amy and many other bloggers in their quest to rid their homes of 730 items of clutter in 365 days. I of course, am slow to the table and missed the first two months. But fear not! This house can use an overhaul and with four kids Im sure I can manage a measely 2.39 items per day.

I didn't really keep very good track through out the month of March but I did write down every little thing I got rid of when I cleaned out my bathroom cupboards.

So, the list:
5 bottles of nail polish
3 broken/old eye shadow pots
2 bottles of soothing cream for breast feeding
6 eye/lip liners
3 tubes lip gloss
4 bottles of lotion
expired peroxide
mini baby lotion
2 bottles of perfume I don't like
old travel size toothpaste
dried out package of face wipes
2 old medication bottles
old makeup case
baby wash that causes irritation
toothpaste that kids don't like
various bath beads/salts
shower glove?
single shower cap sample
various knick knacks

My total for the month of March is 42.

Way behind where I should be at this point, but also a good start!

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