Monday, January 18, 2010

because I know how you love pictures...

I had every intention of writing last week, I really did. But then I didn't and I can't really figure out why. So, instead of dealing with that issue, I think ima just gunna distract ya with pictures, m-kay?
This past weekend Jason and I headed to Home Depot to buy an air compressor for Jason and seeing as how I was already there and all, I decided to pick up some paint.
There are five rooms plus the main hallway that require paint so I picked up enough for three of those. It took me about a month to finish painting our upstairs bathroom so I figured any more than three rooms may be a bit much right now.
Strangely, the room Im most excited about painting, my kitchen, was not one of the rooms I bought paint for. So instead, Im going to first tackle another area that is driving me crazy: the hallways. This is the first part of the house when you walk in the front door and it looks terrible.
Maybe it's all the years of renting that have made me detest off-white walls. Or maybe it's because they're ugly. Who knows?
The main hallway is attached to the half stairs that lead to the bedrooms:

Which also means that whatever color I chose had to go with not one, but THREE different flooring styles:
It's also the area that I see most when sitting at my desk, in my living room. And yes, I do feel like Im in a prison with those dang things.

It's funny how light makes everything look different. The walls in the following picture are actually the same color:
The other issue I have is that above the stairs, going into my family room is home to some ugly ceiling. I wish the builders had just drywalled this wall, instead of making it to match the ceiling. I mean, it's not even above any one's head! How is that a ceiling?
Those walls that you see adjacent to the ugly ceiling/wall, ya those are textured too. and painted. They match the walls I'm attempting to paint and so I'm stuck doing them as well. For this I have no idea.
I know you're just dying for an after picture, but I sadly do not yet have one. Those pictures above were actually just taken minutes ago. But! I have the next best thing! Jason didn't believe the color I chose would dry darker than the color the walls already are, so I showed him:
The actual current color is somewhere in between both of those.

The new paint is Perfect Taupe by Behr which I got in their paint and primer in one line. Silly me thought I'd be able to find a color sample online, but it aint happening. Hopefully when I'm done painting I'll get some decent true-to-life pictures of what it really looks like.
Hurry back, I've got lots of posts lined up for the week, including my prep for a fabulous winter BBQ!

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