Tuesday, January 5, 2010

plans for our front entrance

Over the past several years since the divorce, I've been busy moving us from a run-down apartment to a couple of small houses (where I rented the top floors) and finally to this full size family home. It's been a challenge in a lot of ways, but we've done it and I can't express to you the pride I feel in doing that. Part of the reason why we can afford to live here is because Im no longer doing it on my own, Jason has been living with us since June '09. But added to that are the numerous sacrifices the boys and I have made, especially over the last year and a half.
One of the things I credit the most to the drastic change in our living arrangements is my unwillingness to spend money on things. There are a lot of things I don't buy but would love to have and I've been OK with that. I know we ALL do that, but for me it has even meant passing up that $2 item that I've been wanting for years. This past summer I actually went out and forced myself to buy a new outfit. And I just don't do that. Jason is really supportive of this and is always encouraging me to indulge in the odd treat and because of that I've gotten better. But I still have trouble parting with large sums of money and a lot of thought goes into my purchases.

So, what all this means is that my house is furnished with cheap, gifted or free items. Now that I have this house, I want to make it feel like more of a home. The hard part is doing that while still being able to AFFORD the house! I've got a million projects running around in my head but I've been slack on making them a reality. Not anymore!

I started with our main bathroom when we moved in because it had so little to do. I changed the paint color and decided on accessories but the rest was already done for me. I've got a couple things left to add to that room and then I'll do a reveal.

The next room should be my living room, because it's the room designated for ME. Jason has a workshop downstairs and the kids have pretty much taken over the rec room, so I get the living room. There is no TV in there and except for my computer, we don't use it a lot. But it is a beautiful room and I can't wait to get it done. Even with my frugal nature, it'll cost a fortune to do it up like I'd like, so instead I've focused my efforts on the front entryway. Im really great at coming up with what I'd like in a space, just not so good on the follow-through.

But that's where Jason comes in. These are pictures of what that space looks like right now. I try to keep it organized, but more often than not, this is the reality.

Jason tried to help me out a bit by putting up screws for the reusable grocery bags and that strip of wood to hang our jackets on. Thanks to that toddler, those grocery bags are usually on the floor and I still can't remember to use them.
BUT! I've come up with a plan! I tried verbally explaining to Jason what I was thinking for that space, but he just couldn't see it. So this past weekend we sat down and drew it out together. Then he took measurements and went to work. He ran out of material and so I have to wait for him to make a trip to Home Depot or Kent, but it's coming along.

Those shelves along the side are for baskets to keep the kids' hats/mittens/whatever in. Then there is the bar to hang jackets which will be more space effective that the present screws in the wall.
The bottom will be a little trickier because there were a few elements that we needed to incorporate. First, there will be a bench with space underneath for shoes/boots. Behind that is where the side shelf will sit and there will also be a flip lid to a compartment where the older two can fit their school bags.
Im so excited about this! Hopefully if I stay on him, Jason will be able to finish the main construction of this in a couple of weeks. In the mean time Im going to work on finding some cheap baskets for the shelves and deciding on a color scheme.
Be sure to come back for the reveal and stick around for a few more DIY projects I've got planned.

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