Friday, January 1, 2010


Welcome! How have you been? Come in, come in.....don't just stand out there in the cold! Here, let me take that for you.

So this is it. This is the new blog. Exciting, isn't it? I'll have a proper tour up in a few days, but I wanted to make sure I welcomed you all here first.

I have a post planned for my family blog where I'll explain my reasons for starting this new space and what it's all about. But the short version is this: After years of fighting it, I'm finally giving in and declaring myself to be Decidedly Domestic. After much thought this past year, I have come to realise that some of the things that make me, coincidentally involve my family, home and food. In other words, I like domestic things. I think about domestic things. I live a very domestic life. And thus, Decidedly Domestic is born.

I plan to write every day of 2010 with posts full of DIY, recipes, kids, and anything else I deem to fit my definition of domestic.

So sit, stay awhile. Have a look around. It isn't much yet, but it's got potential!

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